STUDIO FRIDAY is a new initiative in the Art Department at STAC Friday is the day to sketch, read, talk, watch and work. It is also the day to share ideas and inspiration.
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FALL 13.15


When I was in college I never went to office hours. I was too intimidated and thought my professors must have better things to do than to talk to me. Then, when I was a senior, I stopped by to drop off a paper and had one of the most interesting conversations I'd had that year. And it wasn't even about the subject the professor was teaching. Trying new things can be frightening but also rewarding. Go to an office hour this week and see. Find out where your professors are right now: STAC Faculty Office Hours

Gramsci in The Bronx

Head to the Bronx to see this amazing art installation...


Combining art elements to produce the illusion of movement and action


Sept 3- Sept 22 Margaret Noel: Interstate Reception and Gallery Talk Sept 12, 4:30-6:30


The Digital Imaging Lab is looking for a work study student for lab hours and tutoring. Contact P. Bellisio.


Look out for the new Studio Friday Student SpolightLearn more about your classmates.

DIL @ Spellman 122

MON 9-11 TUES 2:30-5:30 WED 5:30-8:30 FRI 8-2 [more hours coming soon]

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P. Bellisio | MG104

TUES 9-11 THURS 11-1

P. Finn | MG110

MON 9-11(SP115) MON 3-4 THURS 3-4

P. Lagstein | MG110

THURS 9-11

P. Rattner | MG4

MON 2:30-4:30 (also open lab) TUES 4-5 WED 2:30-4:30 (also open lab)

P. Yontz | MG20

MON 9-2:30-3:30 THURS 11:15-2:15

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