December Student Spotlight

Art Therapy \\ Grad May 2016

What tool can you not create without? I absolutely cannot live without a little pocket sketchbook and a pen because you never know when creative spark will happen. Some of my best work started as a thought late at night right before falling asleep – I just quickly wake myself up, reach above my head and grab the pen on my shelf to jot down whatever details I need to develop the idea further in the morning.

Who inspires you professionally? Two people that have consistently inspired me in the field of art are my former art school instructor Charlene Margiotta and my high school art teacher Miss Piccone. They always pushed me to better myself and not focus so much on the perfect final product but just the process of making the art.

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be and why? Two places, London for its amazing historical sites, music, art, and architecture. And Puerto Rico because I am majority Puerto Rican and have always had a deep connection with the culture, especially its music and artwork.
What is something you wish you had learned earlier? To be easier on myself and my work. I ‘ve learned that art does not need to be perfect, although that is something I am still trying to remember.