Graphic Design Student Spotlight

Graduating Spring 2016

What tool can you not create without? I can’t create without my sketch book, pencils and eraser. It is important to me to
create thumbnail sketches so I can work out ideas and think how to solve a design problem. It is more time efficient to sketch out ideas then to start by creating them on the computer.

Who inspires you professionally? Paula Scher because of the way she looked to solve design problems and make creative designs for Microsoft, Citi bank, and The Public Theater. I
learned a lot from her and the way she used elements such as hierarchy, scale, and text to create effective designs.

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be and why? I would live nowhere if I was free to be
anywhere. I would not want to be limited to just one experience, I would want to see as much as possible
What is something you wish you had learned earlier? Nothing. Life is a learning experience and you can’t let what you didn’t know then stop you from living now.